Artist Nikita Lomakin: poster of concerts 2022

Билеты Большой Весенний Концерт
28 february 19:00 thursday
Большой Весенний Концерт
Event ended
Билеты Nikita Lomakin
05 april 19:00 friday
Nikita Lomakin
Event ended
Билеты Велике весілля
02 june 14:00 sunday
Велике весілля
Event ended
Билеты Пятое пришествие MOZGI на #пляжномер1
23 june 18:00 sunday
Пятое пришествие MOZGI на #пляжномер1
Event ended
Билеты Карнавальна Феєрія
12 december 18:00 thursday
Карнавальна Феєрія
Event ended
Билеты Великий Весняний Концерт
28 february 19:00 friday
Великий Весняний Концерт
Event ended

Nikita Lomakin


NIKITA LOMAKIN whose songs win the hearts of new fans every year is known today as a young performer. Nikita Lomakin creative biography is only gaining momentum, at one time he began his creative career by participating in a musical show known throughout Ukraine and not only, called the X-factor 4. Nikita became painfully active in musical creative activity and devoted himself completely to this profession only over the past three and a half years. Although the boy, from a young age, dreamed of being lucky enough to take part in the X-factor. Nikita always said that if he participated in this popular show and won it, he would definitely spend the money he won from the project in order to purchase his own apartment in the capital of Ukraine. Nikita's creativity What can be said about the creative activity of the young artist. If we take into account the Russian show business, then Nikita Lomakin considers such a popular artist to be his idol in all directions, a real star - Dima Bilan. Also, foreign performers should not be overlooked. For Nikita, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars are the authority among foreign musicians. These world-class stars are recipients of the honorary Grammy Awards. He was also very interested in his time by the highly sought-after musical group from Las Vegas, which demonstrated their compositions in rock style - Panic at the disco. Nikita is ready to this day to jointly give a concert performance with at least one of the aforementioned performers. Features of the biography of a young singer Lomakin Nikita, already popular in our time, was born in 1998 on April 3rd. His zodiac sign: Aries. The boy himself reliably believes that he got a character that fully coincides with the description of this zodiac sign. At the moment, the young man is still studying at a school institution, and soon he will be able to boast of receiving a secondary specialized education. His mother and father had the greatest influence on his life path and fate. Parents are the first helpers who support their child in literally all his endeavors. If Lomakin is fond of something, then he obviously will not hesitate. The same applies to communication, both with peers and with older people. If he feels attracted to someone and wants to communicate, then he will try to immediately make friends with this person. Nikita adheres to the following motto in life: "Never say never." What is the singer interested in? Lomakin's hobbies, in addition to vocals, can be safely attributed to a passion for drawing. Together with their mother, they are engaged in collecting semi-precious stones. The boy also tends to cook in the kitchen. He is very fond of meat dishes, salads and pancakes. His favorite music styles are punk rock, rock, pop rock and soul. Lomakin's favorite films include Twilight, The Conjuring, The Truman Show. Most of all he is fond of reading Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown, etc.